Research activities

Based on our research accomplishments to date, we bring to this translational research our proven expertise in neuropathology and immunological systems. We will use this expertise to engage in a mix of basic, translational, pre-clinical and clinical research with the intention of arriving at treatments for the above dysfunctions based on our discoveries. 

Fortunately, the founding research team possesses the competence, experience, and passion to carry out this plan. Together, we will deliver novel treatments for neurological dysfunctions, including those listed above, of priceless value to individuals, families, and mankind as a whole.

We also view academic programs as a key part of our plan, since students are a valuable resource to the faculty, and their achievements ensure the successful future of all involved.  For this reason, close collaboration with a respected institute of higher learning is important for the success of this research program.

Because treatments and prevention measures must eventually be brought to the public, we will continue to develop strategic alliances with pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  To this end, we have the experience and capabilities to explore research collaboration with regional, national, and international partners.

Planned activities

  1. Basic and translational research on relationship between inflammation and dysfunctions of the nervous system
  2. Development of novel treatment and prevention methods based on that relationship
  3. Pre-clinical and clinical research on that relationship
  4. Peer-reviewed publication of results
  5. Dissemination of discoveries at national and international meetings
  6. Education of other researchers and medical practitioners