Treatment delivery plan

With Board approval, the Institute will establish a drug screening facility with the inventor/pioneer of perispinal drug delivery to the brain, Dr. Edward Lewis Tobinick, in order to evaluate drug delivery, efficacy, and compound mechanism of action within the brainThe facility is necessary to meet the increasing demand for non-invasive delivery of drugs to the brain. The methods to be used in this facility will be based on extensive clinical and academic/basic research results that have been published. We will employ a patented protocol: Methods to facilitate transmission of large molecules across the blood-brain, blood-eye, and blood-nerve barriers, Patent No. US 8,326,306 B2. Success of this facility will deliver dividends to the Institute and associated university in the form of monetary gain and published recognition.

It is also our intention, with Board approval to establish a translational clinic within a clinical department at an associated medical college.  This clinic will be designed to use the pioneering clinical treatment in use at the Institute for Neurological Recovery, Boca Raton, Florida. Initially we will participate in preparing physicians to treat chronic pain, traumatic brain injuries, and post-stroke pathologies